Future shuts down Amos’ Southend, #Honest-ly

Fresh off of his sophomore album release this past April, rapper Future announced that he would be headlining the #HonestTour in various cities across the United States, aptly named for his album of the same title, Honest. Of these tour dates, June 10th, 2014 would be hitting Charlotte, NC at Amos’ Southend. Not only that, but up and coming rapper Que (known for his street anthem “OG Bobby Johnson”) and crossover sensation Rico Love would be his supporting acts.

#HonestTour Poster

#HonestTour Poster

For those who might not know who exactly Future is, he’s an Atlanta, GA native who managed to make a name for himself by flooding the streets with projects throughout 2010-2012 that included the Streetz Calling and Astronaut Status mixtapes, which really grabbed the attention of hip-hop followers nationwide. On top of that, Future’s unique sound which encompasses his ability to rap as well as sing (albeit auto-tuned) have given him a leg up on the competition. Once he started to get the attention that he rightly deserved, he capitalized on it by releasing notable singles including “Tony Montana” and “Same Damn Time” which subsequently made it onto his debut album, Pluto. In addition to that, Future became arguably the best “hook” artist in the hip-hop/rap genre and further promoted himself by hopping on YC’s hit song “Racks“, which turned into a hit almost overnight – it now has 18+ million views. Since that point, things for Future have snowballed into mainstream success and now it’s almost impossible to not hear his voice on the radio.

This evening also marked the third time in the past two years that Future has performed in Charlotte. He co-headlined the Power 98 SummerFest in August of 2012 at the Uptown Amphitheatre with Ace Hood, Chief Keef & Travis Porter. More recently, he opened for Drake alongside Miguel on the Toronto rapper’s Would You Like a Tour? at Time Warner Cable Arena.

Meanwhile at Amos’ Southend, an unforgettable night was about to begin. I met up with my beautiful girlfriend Amanda and my old time friend from back in elementary school (Reedy Creek!), Elizabeth. We put down a solid pregame session and headed in.

The Ladies

The Ladies

After the standard milling around and house music prior to anyone performing, things started to kick off at around 8:15-8:30pm with Rico Love. He was on stage for roughly 20-25 minutes and performed, among other songs, “B*tches Be Like”, Usher’s “There Goes My Baby” (which he wrote), and “What You Saying” before capping things off with his most recent hit, “They Don’t Know“, which essentially turned the entire venue into one big sing-a-long session.

Rico Love

Rico Love

The crowd was really starting to get warmed up at this point and undoubtedly would have gotten out of control had Que come on to perform his trunk-rattling hit “OG Bobby Johnson“. Unfortunately, he was MIA and never made an appearance. Therefore, another session of house music began between acts that lasted for roughly 30 minutes or so before the main attraction hit the stage. But my oh my, was it worth it.

The lights dimmed, smoke covered the stage. It was time. TURN UP TIME.

The Set

The Set

In less than 30 seconds, Future transformed an otherwise mild crowd into a loosely contained riot, which I was at the forefront of.



The Astronaut

Astronaut Mode

The first song Future performed was “Chosen One”, off of the FBG: The Movie mixtape. From there, the Atlanta native continued to lay down hit after hit as the audience ascended to Pluto, then Mars, at the same damn time.

The set list he went through went something along these lines:

1. Chosen One
2. Karate Chop
3. Gone To The Moon

4. Racks (hook, YC cover)
5. Tony Montana
6. Drug Money (hook, Yo Gotti cover)
7. T Shirt
8. My Momma
9. Honest
10. I Won
11. Magic
12. Itchin’
13. Tapout (hook, Young Money cover)
14. Bugatti (hook, Ace Hood cover)
15. U.O.E.N.O. (hook, Rocko cover)
16. Covered N Money
17. Love Me (hook, Lil Wayne cover)
18. Move That Dope

19. Ain’t No Way Around It
20. Way Too Gone (hook, Young Jeezy cover)
21. Turn On The Lights
22. Loveeeee Song (hook, Rihanna cover)
23. Same Damn Time

24. Sh!t


Future Hendrix

All things considered, this night proved to be a success and Future yet again reiterated why he was a force to be reckoned with in the hip-hop industry. If you somehow managed to miss him last night, you’re not entirely out of luck. Future will be performing tonight at the House of Blues in Myrtle Beach if you’re willing to make a drive. It will be well worth your time and he’ll undoubtedly crush the stage, but hey, I’m just being #Honest.


Drake #WouldYouLikeATour

So this is a tad late, but for my birthday Amanda got me tickets to Drake’s Would You Like A Tour concert here in Charlotte, NC. What she didn’t tell me was that they were FLOOR seats. Mind. Blown. She’s a shoe in for GF of the year.

We were about 10-12 rows back from the front of the stage. And here I thought we would be in like the stands. Wrong. We had a few beers to get the night started off right and before we knew it, it was time for the show to start. Future was up first. Let me go ahead and say that I was probably more excited for Future than for Drake. Maybe not, but it was close. I love Future because he will get you so TURNT UP, no question about it. And I have to say I was on Pluto when he came up FROM THE BOTTOM OF THE STAGE to “No Games” by Rozay. He went through about every song he has on the radio right now, whether it was just a hook or the entire song. I know he did “Tony Montana”, “Karate Chop”, “Turn On The Lights” – during which the arena lights cut off and all you could see were people’s cell phone lights, “Honest”, “Racks”, “Bugatti”, “I Wanna Be With You” and “UOENO”. He was exactly what the crowd needed right off the bat, high energy. The place was buzzing with anticipation.

Next up was Miguel and to be completely honest, I could’ve cared less. Miguel isn’t exactly my cup of tea I guess you could say. Never the less, I’m not gonna hate on him. He is a solid entertainer and he had the crowd (women) singing along with him to “Adorn” and “How Many Drinks”. He also did a sick dance routine that was Michael Jackson-esque complete with a moonwalk and split.

After Miguel was done and after the 15-20 mins the stage hands needed to get the full stage it was finally time. Drizzy. October’s Very Own. Wheelchair Jimmy. The place exploded when he appeared at the top of a halo looking stage to “Tuscan Leather”. He went on to perform basically the entire Nothing Was The Same album. Throughout he would perform other songs he’s charted with such as his verse from French’s “Pop That”, Migos’ “Versace” and Khaled’s “I’m On One”.

Drizzy then dediced to treat us all to a nice surprise – Ms. Jhene Aiko. They performed “Come Thru” and “From Time” together. She has some pipes.

What I didn’t expect after that was an encore performace from Future, who came back out and set the place off when he did “Same Damn Time”. I had a video of it on my phone but it basically looks like it was in the washing machine’s spin cycle because I’m jumping up and down so much just losing my mind.

Drake even brought his two nieces out on stage and sang “Hold On, We’re Going Home” to them and it was so damn cute.

The biggest surprise however was a catwalk that lowered from the ceiling and connected to the stage so that Drake could literally walk out over the entire floor section and he then spent the next 10-15 mins calling out different fans in the stands and thanked everyone for coming out. It was really cool to me that he took that kind of time out to address the fans personally and make their night even more special.



After all of these cameos Drizzy finished up the show putting down bangers like “HYFR”, “The Motto”, “All Me” and he ended the show with my personal favorite “Started From The Bottom”. During the last song the video in the background showed clips of Drake from a young age and they concluded the song with fireworks. It was amazing. He put on a show that I will not forget.

He’s continuing this tour all across America, peep the dates below.

Would You Like A Tour?

Would You Like A Tour?

#BornSinner 10 out of 10


On June 18th a multitude of hip-hop/rap albums dropped, most notably Kanye’s “Yeezus”, Mac Miller’s “Watching Movies with the Sound off” and J. Cole’s “Born Sinner”. After giving each album ample listening time, there is no doubt in our minds who the unanimous winner was. NC’s very own, J. Cole. To be completely honest, Yeezus was giving me headaches. I’ll rip that album up here in a little while. But, back to the topic, actually forgot it…

Seriously though, Born Sinner is a complete, cohesive project that emphasizes Cole’s lyrical talents while showcasing his story telling abilities at the same damn time. Right off the bat on “Villuminati” Cole wastes no time in slicing up the track with his wordplay.

“Fake niggas get sprayed up / My verbal AK slay faggots / And I don’t mean no disrespect whenever I say faggot, okay faggot / Don’t be so sensitive
/ If you want to get fucked in the ass / That’s between you and whoever else’s dick it is / Pause, maybe that line was too far / Just a little joke to show how homophobic you are”

Obviously by now everyone has heard “Power Trip” ft. Miguel so we won’t even stop there.

Honestly there’s really no bad song on this album. Some standouts are “Forbidden Fruit” ft. Kendrick Lamar on the hook, “Crooked Smile” ft. TLC, “Let Nas Down”, “Born Sinner” ft. James Fauntleroy and if you copped the Deluxe Version, “New York Times” ft. 50 Cent & Bas and “Sparks Will Fly” ft. Jhene Aiko.

This is an album that you don’t have to worry about skipping ahead to a certain track. You can pop it in the deck and let it run. The numbers will speak for themselves as well. Cole sold nearly 300k in his first week, and increase of 80k units from the roughly 218k units that his debut album the Sideline Story sold. He was only about 30k units behind Yeezus.

J. Cole has cemented himself as a mainstay in the hip-hop/rap community with this sophomore project and he will continue to be a presence for the forseeable future.

If you haven’t already done so, please go purchase this album via iTunes, Best Buy etc and tell em Leeroy sent you.