#Yeezus album review: 3/10


Well where to begin. As you know on June 18th multiple hip-hop/rap projects dropped. This was one of them. And to be completely honest, I have no idea what Kanye was thinking. I saw the video of the live performance of “Black Skinhead” on SNL before the album dropped and I thought it was pretty cool. I couldn’t hear much of what he was saying because he was somewhat drowned out but the beat seemed pretty intense and the imagery going on was captivating.

So June 18th rolls around and I get Yeezus.


As I proceeded to go through the first song “On Sight” I was telling myself things like “it’s just the first song, Kanye is being different” or “give it a chance, it’ll grow on you”. So on to the 2nd song “Black Skinhead” – which I think is the best song on the album – and I’m thinking things are turning around. I was being too judgemental too fast. On to the 3rd song “I Am A God”. Ok, I wasn’t being too judgemental. What is up with these beats?? They sound awful. And on to track 4, 5, 6, 7…. No improvement.

Flat out, there are some nice lines on this project, which is why it got those 3 out of 10. The problem is the noise going on at the same time makes you want to cut your ears off. It’s literally painful to listen to. I’ve heard some people say in Kanye’s defense that this wasn’t a “hip-hop” album or that he was trying to change the game yada yada yada. What kind of album would it be exactly? And how is making terrible beats going to change the game?

Loyal Kanye fans have got to be upset. How could someone go from making CLASSICS like College Dropout, Late Registration and Graduation make something like this? Doesn’t register with me.

Save your money, don’t buy this. You’ll thank me later.


#BornSinner 10 out of 10


On June 18th a multitude of hip-hop/rap albums dropped, most notably Kanye’s “Yeezus”, Mac Miller’s “Watching Movies with the Sound off” and J. Cole’s “Born Sinner”. After giving each album ample listening time, there is no doubt in our minds who the unanimous winner was. NC’s very own, J. Cole. To be completely honest, Yeezus was giving me headaches. I’ll rip that album up here in a little while. But, back to the topic, actually forgot it…

Seriously though, Born Sinner is a complete, cohesive project that emphasizes Cole’s lyrical talents while showcasing his story telling abilities at the same damn time. Right off the bat on “Villuminati” Cole wastes no time in slicing up the track with his wordplay.

“Fake niggas get sprayed up / My verbal AK slay faggots / And I don’t mean no disrespect whenever I say faggot, okay faggot / Don’t be so sensitive
/ If you want to get fucked in the ass / That’s between you and whoever else’s dick it is / Pause, maybe that line was too far / Just a little joke to show how homophobic you are”

Obviously by now everyone has heard “Power Trip” ft. Miguel so we won’t even stop there.

Honestly there’s really no bad song on this album. Some standouts are “Forbidden Fruit” ft. Kendrick Lamar on the hook, “Crooked Smile” ft. TLC, “Let Nas Down”, “Born Sinner” ft. James Fauntleroy and if you copped the Deluxe Version, “New York Times” ft. 50 Cent & Bas and “Sparks Will Fly” ft. Jhene Aiko.

This is an album that you don’t have to worry about skipping ahead to a certain track. You can pop it in the deck and let it run. The numbers will speak for themselves as well. Cole sold nearly 300k in his first week, and increase of 80k units from the roughly 218k units that his debut album the Sideline Story sold. He was only about 30k units behind Yeezus.

J. Cole has cemented himself as a mainstay in the hip-hop/rap community with this sophomore project and he will continue to be a presence for the forseeable future.

If you haven’t already done so, please go purchase this album via iTunes, Best Buy etc and tell em Leeroy sent you.


MUST HAVE Upcoming Projects

Touching on the last comment in the previous post, I just wanted to point out some upcoming projects that any avid hip-hop fan is probably going to need to cop in the next couple months.

First up on my list:

June 12th

Summer Knights

Joey Bada$$: Summer Knights

June 18th


Kanye West: Yeezus

Born Sinner

J. Cole: Born Sinner

Watching Movies With the Sound Off

Mac Miller: Watching Movies with the Sound off

June 25th

The Gifted

Wale: The Gifted

July 16th

Pusha T

Pusha T: My Name is My Name

Ace Hood

Ace Hood: Trials & Tribulations

Unscheduled release dates include:

Fabolous: Loso’s Way II: Rise to Power
Big Sean: Hall of Fame
Juicy J: Stay Trippy

This looks to be a very promising summer.