The Diplomats: Dipset Forever Reunion Tour

Last night, I had the opportunity to take a trip down memory lane with my wife, Amanda and our good friend, Nick.

The Diplomats have had their ups and downs throughout the years, however they somewhat recently squashed their own beef within the group, and as a result, a reunion tour was announced. Cam’Ron, Juelz Santana, Jim Jones and Freekey Zekey would be hitting the road together for a group tour.

Tour Poster

When I initially heard about the tour coming to Charlotte, I was interested, until I saw the ticket prices. These guys have made some great music throughout the years, but as more of a casual fan instead of a diehard Dipset guy, I wasn’t quite ready to part with roughly $50 for a ticket.

However, Groupon stepped in and cut that price in half. $25?? We’re in there!

There’s one thing I’ve noticed in the last 8 or so years of going to shows. Artists that are younger and on the come up typically have a younger age group of followers, which makes perfect sense. This group of concert goers likes to get wild (Again, this is most but not all). What I’m referring to is pushing and shoving to get as close to the stage as possible, mosh pits, getting way too drunk, etc. For the record, I’m not knocking it, I’ve been there myself. You just have to be prepared to encounter that before going to a show where you think that environment will be taking place. Artists that are more established and have been around for a while attract a different kind of audience. Both groups of concert goers enjoy hip-hop/rap, but the dynamic within the crowd is very different. This older crowd isn’t really too worried about getting as close as possible to the stage, they like to have a few drinks and kind of chill. It’s honestly a very laid back atmosphere. And fortunately, that’s what the crowd was like for this show. I digress.

We three amigos went to VBGB for a few brews before the show and I have to say that NoDa Brewing’s “Good Will Hopping” was quite nice. After those, we walked over to the Fillmore after doors had already opened. There was no wait, we just walked right in. There was plenty of space between groups of people despite the place being packed. Our trio got a prime location in the middle of the crowd and waited for The Diplomats to take the stage.

Unfortunately, we would only be getting 3 of the 4 scheduled performers. It appears that there was some kind of dispute between the promoter for this show and Juelz Santana, who made it very clear that he would not be in Charlotte, NC on twitter for this show.

Juelz :/

Going into the show, I was under the impression that the order of artists taking the stage would go Freekey > Jim Jones > Juelz > Cam’Ron. With this latest twist, I wasn’t so sure what would happen.

And when it was finally time, Freekey, Jim and Cam all came out together, which was definitely unexpected, but a nice surprise. They brought an army of affiliates with them to the stage and those 3 all took turns rapping fan favorites together. It was just a really fun show. The highlights for me were “Hey Ma” by Cam, “Oh Boy” by Cam and last but not least, “We Fly High” by Jim Jones.

I have to confess that in 2007, “We Fly High” was my ringtone on my silver, Motorola Razr. I can still hear it ringing in the dorms of Owen Hall at NC State. Good times.

Remember these things??

And to this day, I will still refer to “We Fly High” as a banger. Take a look – you know you know the words.

All in all, these guys put on a really enjoyable performance and it was fun getting to hear some of rap’s most notable songs of my generation’s youth. This tour just got underway so these guys will be touring for the next few months throughout America. Check your local area for Groupons and see if you can take advantage of a discounted ticket, because it will definitely be worth it.


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