Juicy J – The Hustle Continues Tour

What’s up hip hop heads?

I know it’s been a while, and a lot has gone on since we last spoke. I hope everyone is doing well and that your summer is off to a good start. Let’s cut to the chase though, shall we?

Last night, Juicy J decided to grace the Fillmore in Charlotte, NC with his presence, thus ending my concert hiatus. Much appreciated Juiceman.

For those unaware of who Juicy may be, he’s one of the longest tenured rappers currently in the industry. He rose to fame in the 90’s as part of the legendary hip-hop group, Three 6 Mafia, alongside DJ Paul and Crunchy Black. In 2006 the group actually received an Academy Award for the song “It’s Hard Out Here For A Pimp” which was featured in the movie, “Hustle & Flow” starring Terrance Howard. Towards the end of the 2008-2009, Juicy began to move away from the group and launched more of a solo campaign, which I believe really started to gain some traction with the release of his 2010 mixtape Rubba Band Business (with producer Lex Luger). In my opinion, the aggressive beats, creative punchlines and on time delivery combination started to really outline the new and improved Juicy J and would lay the foundation of Juicy’s future releases. Juicy’s success continued with multiple mixtape releases from 2010-2013 (notably Rubba Band Business 2 and Blue Dream & Lean) and also landed an album, Stay Trippy, which spawned multiple radio singles and is what I believe most of today’s younger listeners associate with Juicy J. His success continued from there (especially over Mike Will beats) and Juicy really reached the pinnacle of his career when he was featured on the Katy Perry track “Dark Horse”, which garnered a massive influx of followers from the mainstream listening community.

Currently, Juicy is promoting his upcoming 4th studio album with the working title “Pure THC: The Hustle Continues”. His promotion efforts included a tour, which brought my brother, my friend, and I to the Fillmore this past Friday.

THC Tour Poster

THC Tour Poster

The three of us had a few libations at nearby VBGB (awesome spot btw) and got ourselves a few fast passes from the Fillmore’s box office to insure we had some primetime real estate for the show. It turned out to be a great move, because the Fillmore sold out its 2000 person capacity.



After the typical house music (and a few more drinks – gotta get trippy right?), the night’s first opening act came to the stage. Local rapper Senior, along with Elevator Jay and Rapper Shane. Senior has opened for a number of hip-hop acts in the QC the past couple of years and has recently just dropped a new project – Audio Artpiece: World Is My Canvas. You can check it out here on his soundcloud. #SupportLocalMusic. As always, these guys held it down. The crowd was definitely feeling them – heads were bobbin, feet were tappin. You could feel the music.

After they finished up, a buzz began circulating throughout the crowd. They could sense the Juiceman was near. The stage was set. It was time.

Juicy came out to an uproar of applause and cheering and wasted no time getting down to business. Right off the rip he jumped into his newest mixtape Blue Dream & Lean 2 with “Throw Dem Racks”. For those unaware, Juicy recently had ankle surgery and was sporting a walking boot while performing. His work ethic simply won’t permit him to miss a show for a bum foot.

Juicy J

You say no to shows, Juicy J can’t!

Juicy performed for at least an hour and played a number of songs from various projects, including one of my all time favorites, “Stay High” from his Three 6 Mafia days. Apparently it was a crowd favorite too because they helped out. Take a look:

In no particular order, Juicy’s set included these songs as well as others that I simply didn’t write down:

– Throw Dem Racks
– Stoners Night 3
– I’m Sicka
– Bandz A Make Her Dance
– Don’t Trust
– All I Need
– Poppin My Collar (Three 6 Mafia)
– Stay High (Three 6 Mafia)
– Zip & A Double Cup
– Already
– Drugged Out
– Slob On My Knob (Three 6 Mafia)
– Show Out
– Bounce It

I briefly mentioned that Juicy began to get a lot of younger listeners following the success of “Dark Horse”. A lot of these listeners were in attendance last night which worked out really well when Juicy started to hand out Colt 45’s from the stage during the middle of his set. They weren’t old enough to partake, which left a select few crowd members for Juicy to choose from. Enter the squad. We all had Colt 45’s with Juicy J. It was a pretty awesome moment.

Juicy J

Juicy J

All in all, it was a great time and we had a blast. I think Juicy performing given his physical condition (ankle) really speaks to his work ethic, and well, his hustle. The Hustle Continues couldn’t possibly be a better tour name. As always, if you have a chance to catch this tour in a nearby city, do it!

courtesy of my IG

courtesy of my IG


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