Travi$ Scott & Young Thug: The Rodeo Tour

One of the most anticipated tours of 2015 was announced this past January. Rising hip-hop/rap stars Travi$ Scott and Young Thug would be touring together across the United States on the Rodeo Tour, in an effort to promote Travi$ Scott’s upcoming album: Rodeo. Along with them, one of the fasting rising producers in the game, Metro Boomin, would be doing a DJ set prior to those two hitting the stage.

Rodeo Tour

Rodeo Tour

The moment this tour was announced, I knew exactly where I would be on March 17th when the tour came to The Fillmore in Charlotte, NC. No questions asked.

I thought I was being slick getting to the show about an hour early. My plan was to hit a bar or two and toss a few back prior to getting in line. That plan did not last very long. When I got on site around 5:30, a line was wrapped around the block already. Doors were at 7. SEVEN. The hype of this show had certainly gotten around.

I met up with a friend of mine and after a while we managed to get in, and in a decent spot in the crowd. After your typical milling around to house music, a DJ came on to warm things up a little bit. Now I’ve been to a lot of shows over the years but I have never experienced a crowd like this. They turned up to the house DJ. I mean seriously?? A mosh pit was forming in the center of the crowd pretty close to where I would be at and I wanted no part of that madness. So my boy and I noped right on out of there to a place that we thought would be a little less crazy.

Metro eventually came out to a lot of people cheering and started off a dope setlist including tracks he had produced as well as ones he had not. The crowd was definitely feeling him, but you could tell it wasn’t quite all the way turnt yet.

But, that ended when about 30 minutes later Young Thug came out to “2 Cups Stuffed”. The energy people had been holding in came bursting out at this point and they started going wild for the night. I hadn’t seen Thugger Thugger perform prior to this show, but he held the stage down pretty well for himself. He played a number of his classics right off the bat, including his verse on “TF out my Face” and “Hookah” for around 15 mins or so, at which point he gave up the stage to La Flame.

I’ve heard people talk about how Travi$ can perform with so much energy, and those people were not lying. Not a single bit. I honestly don’t know if this guy will have a voice at the end of this tour and I’m sure he’ll need to sleep for at least 3 days straight to get his energy back, because he goes all out during his shows. The first song he played was “Quintana” and my God, I think the rafters were shaking.

The show continued on in about 15 minute intervals between Thugger and La Flame each doing songs until they came to do songs together, including “Mamacita” and “Skyfall” – both of which set the place off. Personally, the highlight for myself was “Upper Echelon”. That song is a certified banger. Take a look:

Right as things were beginning to wrap up, Rich Gang’s founder Birdman made an appearance. This was not expected at all. Now, I’m not a big Birdman fan by any means, but I can get down with the Big Tymers. Birdman dropped “Numba 1 Stunna” and “Still Fly” and it was impossible to not go word for word with those classics. It really was icing on the cake.

All in all, this was a great show and probably the wildest crowd I’ve ever been a part of. Songs were performed from Owl Pharoah, Days Before Rodeo, Rich Gang: Tha Tour Part 1, 19 & Boomin and various other projects. Thugger and La Flame played all of their hits and were really fun to watch perform. The only knock I have is that Travi$ used autotune for at least the first half of songs he did which was kinda weird. Still, I would encourage anyone who can to go check it out. Even if you’re not a big fan of either artist, the experience itself is worth more than the price of admission. They don’t call it the Rodeo Tour for nothing either, so brace yourselves.

If you might be heading to one of their shows in the future and don’t want to see the set list, stop reading. Otherwise, here you are:


1. 2 Cups Stuffed
2. TF Out My Face verse (Rich Homie Quan cover)
3. Hookah verse (Tyga cover)
4. Free Gucci


5. Quintana
6. Sin City (GOOD Music cover)
7. Uptown
8. High Fashion


9. Imma Ride
10. About the Money verse (T.I. cover)
11. Warrior
12. Some More


13. All Your Fault (Big Sean cover, Travi$ helped produce this track)
14. Don’t Play
15. Quintana Pt. 2
16. Upper Echelon


17. Danny Glover
18. The Blanguage
19. Stoner


20. Sloppy Toppy
21. Basement
22. Backyard Freestyle


23. Givenchy
24. 730


25. Grey
26. Company verse (Drake cover)

Travi$ & Thugger

27. Mamacita
28. Skyfall


29. Zombies
30. Nothing But Net


31. Lifestyle


32. Leather So Soft
33. Numba One Stunna
34. Still Fly


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