Young Jeezy sells out the Fillmore!

In most of my most recent posts, I’ve been including a brief description of the artist I would be talking about as well as a description of their style, material and stage presence/showmanship.

Point blank: If you need to know these things about Young Jeezy, you’ve come to the wrong place. Jizzle has held down the dirty south rap scene for the past decade and if you need to know anything more, can help you out.

It had been a long 4 years since the first time I got to see the Snowman perform, but I can remember it like it was yesterday. In 2010 the hit single “Ballin” had just come out and was getting people what we now call, “turnt up”. I was fortunate enough to make it to a show and witness that phenomena with my boy Lon Petrini right at the very place I would be going tonight – The Fillmore, right off of Seaboard St. in my hometown of Charlotte, NC.



I didn’t waste any time and got to the Fillmore before doors opened to ensure I got a front right view for Jizzle. Now, I’ve been to shows where you have to wait for a couple acts to open the show up, whether that’s a DJ, rapper, or something else. Tonight was a little different. There was no opening act. There was a single DJ who had to play for about 2 hrs. before the Snowman made his appearance. I have to admit, that was ridiculous. But for every minute of waiting, Jeezy made up for it, and then some. The stage was set up with 3 different screens that rotated between Jeezy’s signature angry snowman and the words “Seen It All” with DJ Kutt Throat behind the center screen in the DJ Booth.

When the time had finally descended upon us, the lights dimmed down and DJ Kutt Throat let us know that temperature had just dropped to 17.5 degrees, it was now snowing. And right then out came Jeezy to “1/4 Block” fresh off his new album, Seen It All: The Autobiography.

I wasn’t quite sure what to really expect outside of songs from his new album since the tour was in fact named after it. Jeezy wasn’t playin around. He put on a show that lasted for at least an hour and a half that set the sellout crowd of 2,000 OFF. He played new songs, classic hits and street anthems that the crowd sang back in unison at the top of their lungs. This set list was even better than I could imagine. Check it out:

1. 1/4 Block
2. Black Eskimo
3. Me OK
4. Holy Ghost
5. Get Ya Mind Right
6. Trap or Die
7. Go Crazy
8. Trap Star
9. Dem Boyz verse – Boyz N Da Hood
10. Bang
11. Bottom of the Map
12. My Hood
13. Leave You Alone
14. Smoke & Fuck
15. Takin It There
16. Tear It Up
17. Soul Survivor
18. Go Getta
19. I Luv It
20. Put On

21. SupaFreak
22. Lose My Mind
23. Who Dat
24. Get Allot
25. Dey Know remix verse – Shawty Lo
26. Geeked Up remix verse – Fabo
27. My Nigga verse – YG
28. RIP
29. Way Too Gone
30. I Do
31. Been Gettin Money
32. Beez Like
33. Everythang
34. 4 Zones
35. Seen It All

And as if this wasn’t enough, when Jeezy ended and walked off the stage, the crowd began to chant: JEEZY. JEEZY. JEEZY.

And the snowman delivered. An encore performance included:

36. J.E.E.Z.Y.
37. Air Forces

Afterward, the lights came on and before Jeezy left for real, he addressed the crowd and shared some inspiring words encouraging us to chase our dreams and not to let the little things get in the way of that. It doesn’t matter where you come from or where you’ve been, you can do anything you put your mind to. And with that, the Snowman was gone.

Mr. 17.5

I know I pump up a lot of these shows that I review, but seriously go see Jeezy if you can. When he plays the combination of his new material as well as the songs you still know word for word from high school that you used to blast in your Corolla, you’ll know exactly why I recommend seeing him so much. Check the tour list below.

Seen It All Tour Dates


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