Getting #Closer with Mike Stud

Here we are, right back where we left off – Amos Southend.

Fresh off the release of his 2nd studio album Closer, Mike Stud’s #StudSummerTour made it’s way to Charlotte, NC for one of the final four stops on the cross nation tour.

Stud Summer Tour

Stud Summer Tour

I proceeded to get up with my frat rap partner in crime Cory Rindone, and my lovely fiance Amanda Crute, who has slowly yet surprisingly come around to some Mike Stud songs after repeated exposure. (not her choice).

For those unfamiliar with Mike Stud, he’s an independent singer/rapper from Rhode Island on the verge of a come up who has made his own lane in the niche subgenre of hip-hop commonly known as “frat rap”. While he possesses a grassroots following in the New England region, Mike also has a loyal following in the state of North Carolina, where he first came to pursue baseball as a pitcher at Duke University on a full athletic scholarship. After a Tommy John procedure sidelined Mike indefinitley, he began to pursue his musical interests. His musical abilities began showing growth and after the release of his debut mixtape, A Toast To Tommy, the lead single “College Humor” received viral recognition on YouTube for garnering a million plus views. Since then, Mike has put out multiple mixtapes, projects and a debut album entitled Relief, bringing us up to July 7, 2014 when Stud officially released his second album, Closer, which in turn spawned a 2nd nationwide tour.

Now that you’re caught up, let’s get to the show.

After a few openers that I was unfamiliar with it was time for Stud to hit the stage. And that he did. The energy level got turned up drastically and out he came to hundreds of screaming fans.

Mike Stud

Mike Stud


He started off with some brand new material off of #Closer and continued to impress with songs from various projects to give the crowd a bit of a Mike Stud medley that went something like this:

1. Out Here
2. All Good
3. Even Steven (Hoodie Allen diss)
4. Paranoid (Remix)
5. Batter Up
6. On & On
7. Gas Pedal (Remix)
8. Perfect For Me
9. Closer
10. Oh No
11. Amanda Bynes (Versace Remix)
12. I’m Not Sorry
13. Summer (Remix)
14. Boys of the Summer
15. Mike Jordan
16. Bottle It Up
17. Safe and Sound
18. Athlete
19. College Humor

“College Humor” brought the house down and Stud returned the love by stage diving into a sea of screaming fans. There was actually a celebrity in attendance that night as well. As I previously mentioned, Mike went to Duke University. So did one of the current Charlotte Hornets, Gerald Henderson. Right before Mike did “College Humor”, Mike recognized Gerald for the crowd and Gerald gave Mike one of his Duke uniforms to wear during the final song of the setlist, at which point the crowd lost it. Gerald then proceeded to tweet about it mid-song:

All in all, Mike put down a great show, especially given the fact that he’s relatively unknown in the hip-hop/rap community. The subgenre of music that he thrives in appears to be growing in popularity and although it’s currently in its infancy, my guess is that it won’t be the last time that Amos’ hosts another show of this nature.

Until then, you stay classy Queen City.