@ScHoolBoyQ and TDE tear down Charlotte, NC

Last night….man…..it was a wild one.

The #Oxymoron tour stopped at @AmosSouthend and doors were scheduled to open at 8pm. I got on site at about 7:30 and the line seemed like it was already about 75 yards long.

The Wait   -____-

The Wait -____-

I was thinking to myself the whole time that I wouldn’t have a good spot, wouldn’t have a good view etc. etc. Well, when I finally got into the venue at about 8:40pm (yes it took that long) I was shocked to see that I was actually going to have a solid view. I was maybe 12-15 rows back, if you can really call them rows at a GA standing rooms venue? Nevertheless, I was pleasantly surprised and about 20 mins later, the show began.

The first act to hit the stage was @AudioPush. I don’t know a ton about them, but I do know they’re part of @Hit-Boy’s #HS87 movement and gained some serious attention with their involvement in the group effort, All I’ve Ever Dreamed Of. They also managed to drop a solo project entitled, Come As You Are which features the track “Space Jam”, that has a feature from @LilTunechi.

Audio Push

Audio Push

They put down a solid perfomance, doing roughly 7 or so tracks. The crowd involvement and energy was extremely high, especially given the fact that this was a relatively low key opening act, leading me to believe that this might be getting a tad rowdy as the night progressed. After the end of their set, they posed for a picture with their backs to the crowd which they later posted on Instagram. I was wearing my Charlotte Hornets hat that I raised as high as possible and if you look closely enough, you can actually make me out in the crowd.



The next act I knew a little more about. Hailing from Long Beach, CA was Mr. Shyne Coldchain himself, @vincestaples. Vince did a number of songs from his most recent project, Shyne Coldchain 2 including “Humble” in which the crowd proceeded to chant the “F*ck You, F*ck You, F*ck You, F*ck You” along with Vince. It was around this time I got to talk a little to two friends of mine that somehow managed to find me in the crowd, @SourCaroline88 and @mkozar88. As we were saying hi and so forth, Vince decided to do a little sing-a-long with the crowd and had his DJ drop Snoop Dogg’s “Drop It Like It’s Hot”. We loved it. When it ended, Vince decided to do another and this time it was Tupac’s “Ambitionz Az a Ridah”. We REALLY loved it. At this point, the turn up was happening. And there would be no going back.

Right before he left, he did play the song “Nate” which is a favorite of mine. Take a look:

After Vince left the stage, the room started buzzing with anticipation. This was because we all knew who was next: TDE’s rising star, @isaiahrashad. He came out a few minutes later to “Ronnie Drake”

He went on to do a lot of his songs from his Cilvia Demo project including “Modest” and “Brad Jordan”.

Isaiah Rashad

Isaiah Rashad

He closed it out with “RIP Kevin Miller” (which he ripped). If you watch the Ronnie Drake video and then this one, you can see the drastic change in the energy level of the crowd. It was getting WILD.

Finally, the time had come: @ScHoolBoyQ.

A chant started somewhere in the crowd, Q! Q! Q! Q! Q! and before we knew it, from somewhere behind the stage, out came @ScHoolBoyQ to “F*ck LA”.

At its conclusion, Q addressed the crowd, “Charlottttee, what the f*ck is up?!?!” The crowd was going APE at this point. Q went on to throw down an amazing setlist that inlcuded songs from Habits & Contradictions, Oxymoron and a few verses from other artists’ songs. I may have missed one here or there in the madness, but I managed to get the majority of it:

1. F*ck LA
2. Hands on the Wheel
3. What They Want
4. How We Feeling
5. Druggy Wit Hoes Again
6. Hell Of a Night
7. Collard Greens
8. Gangsta
9. Blind Threats
10. Studio
11. There He Go
12. Brand New Guy verse (A$AP Rocky)
13. Maad City cover (Kendrick Lamar)
14. Work (Remix) verse (A$AP Ferg)
15. Blessed
16. Break The Bank
17. Yay Yay
18. Man Of The Year
19. Oxymoron – encore performance

*I think “Hoover St” was in there somewhere as well.





Simply put, this show was one of the wildest shows I’ve ever been too. I could post videos on here for days, but I think the two that best illustrate how crazy it was are his cover for for Kendrick’s “m.A.A.d City” and when he performed his last song, “Man of the Year”. To set up “m.A.A.d City”, Q talked about how he got a call from Kendrick one day as K.Dot was in the process of making GKMC and that he wanted Q to drop by the studio to do some ad-libs. Q came by and while recording did his “YAK” sound. Kendrick was like “whoa, hold up, do that again”. So he did. And the rest is history.


I do realize that there’s a solid 15-20 seconds of footage of the ceiling. For that, I apologize. If you can bear through it though, you’ll see exactly what I’m trying to get across.

I gained a lot of respect for Schoolboy Q after seeing this show. I know for a fact that the tour he’s on has been extremely draining both mentally and physically and he came to Charlotte bringing his A game. Another reason I say this is due to the fact that during the show Q stopped the music and spoke to the crowd prior to doing “Break The Bank”. He told us straight up that he was flat broke 3 years ago and considered himself a loser. He talked about how he kept trying to make music and how his friends just laughed at him. And well, the rest I managed to catch on video:

It’s no wonder that the show was sold out. Artists like these that appreciate the fans get nothing but love and support in return. That said, it was an awesome show. If you have the opportunity to see Q some time I fully encourage you to do so. It will be well worth your while. Have a good week kids, hopefully I’ll see y’all at the next show.



@YG – The #MyKrazyLife Tour touches down in Charlotte!

This past Monday night, Bompton’s own @YG headlined his own tour in Charlotte, NC which was named for his debut album that dropped a few weeks ago, My Krazy Life.

My Krazy Life Tour Poster

My Krazy Life Tour Poster

This marked the 3rd time I’ve seen YG perform, but only the first time where he was able to put down an entire set as the headlining artist. The show was going on at my personal favorite venue in Charlotte, the @FillmoreNC. I got there at about 6:45pm when doors opened at 7pm and I was literally the FIRST person in line. I felt like the Xbox achievement status should’ve popped up on my phone screen. Not only that, but I got to chop it up with my man @Senior who was set to open for YG. If you check out the last post regarding the Juicy J show, you’ll notice I showed some support for Senior. This didn’t go unnoticed. Before he left to go inside he told me he would get me a beer. I was like yea, aight. Didn’t think much of it. We’ll come back to that.

Once the doors opened, I went in and grabbed a 24oz. cold one and found a nice spot against the front row railing where I managed to bump into a new friend of mine, @Drizzy_Dre1990, who had come all the way from NC A&T (What up Aggies!) to see his favorite rapper, YG Fo Hunnid. After a few pleasantries and a lot of general hip-hop discussion, it looked like the show was set to begin.

The first act to warm up the crowd was @iamDJLP, who also happened to perform at the Juicy J show – my bad for not including you on that post! At first the crowd was a little quiet – not a ton of people were there yet and people were probably more on the sober side. A few tweets were exchanged between he and myself that cracked me up and as this was going on, the room was filling up and the drinks were starting to flow. By the end of his set, the crowd was ready to go. I know Mustard had dibs on the A$AP Ferg joint, but next time that’s all you!

Next up was Charlotte’s finest, @Senior, accompanied by @NevaMind910 @TPClikeYAK @ArturoGreene90 @alexxKgray and the rest of the Hornets N.E.S.S. I’m pretty sure I spotted @ElevatorJay back there as well. Simply put, these guys hold it down for the Queen City and I encourage anyone reading this blog to check them out. Senior performed his single “Slow Motion” and a number of other songs with @NevaMind910 to keep promoting the #PaperboiWorld movement and put on for Charlotte. Much respect gentlemen.



@DJMustard was the next on the scene. If you don’t know who he is, C’MON SON! If you listen to virtually any hip-hop/rap station you’re bound to hear at least 3-5 singles that he’s produced. This guy has been with YG from the get go, so it’s only right that he would be DJ’ing YG’s first headlining tour. Mustard came out and started pumping out the jams and you could feel the energy level rising. His last song was K. Camp’s “Cut Her Off (Remix)” which the crowd ate up. Mustard threw out some “Mustard On Tha Beat” towels and tees which started a frenzy as well.

Mustard on tha beat hoe!!

Mustard on tha beat hoe!!

Right before YG was set to come out, I felt a bump on my shoulder. Senior found me and handed over an ice cold brew while saying “I’m a man of my word”. I was like wow, you’re awesome. I hope the knuckleheads at Amos’ Southend get things straightened out for Saturday night when @ScHoolBoyQ comes to town because it will be my turn to return the favor my friend.

Finally, It was time. The stage prop, which was previously covered, was now showing a cut out of a house. A house from Bompton. It had graffiti of “Bompton” and “Spruce St” all over it. Smoke started coming out from underneath the front door which soon covered the entire stage, and that’s when we heard it. YG’s momma yelling the Intro to his album, and all of a sudden, BPT!!! YG came out of the front door and the crowd went nuts. Check it Out:

After this, YG went on to do “I Just Wanna Party” from his debut album and then transitioned into a little something unexpected. Dr. Dre’s “The Next Episode” came on the speaker system and YG essentially was a hype man for the audience, until he decided to show off a little footwork for our viewing pleasure. This had me cracking up. Please notice the heel clicker at the end too.

After this YG went on to do literally EVERY song from the album except for “When I Was Gone” and the Deluxe Edition tracks. Everything else, was done. And instead of just doing them all in order, YG mixed it up by throwing in some of his previous material including “Up”, “Toot It & Boot It” “I’ma Thug”, and “You Broke”. I was in the middle of turnin up but managed to catch two of my favorites:

And last but not least…and you knew it would end this way…

Another turnt night in the books. I thoroughly enjoyed meeting some new people and listening to some great music and am already looking forward to this Saturday when @ScHoolBoyQ comes to @AmosSouthend with @isaiahrashad @vincestaples and hopefully my boy @Senior to keep it 100 yet again.

Juicy J – The Never Sober Tour

This past Monday night, Juicy J touched down in Charlotte, NC to make a stop at The Fillmore on the #NeverSoberTour. What ensued was, well….ratchet. But did you really expect anything else from the Juice Man??

The Never Sober Tour

The Never Sober Tour

So here we are a few hours prior to show time, my boy @wnorear and I are crushing some PBR’s getting in the right mindset for the show. It gets to be about that time, and we make our way down to the Fillmore. It was about 6:50pm and doors were opening at 7pm. This is what it was like when we got there:


That same night Miley Cyrus was having a show in Charlotte. However, she cancelled last minute, and you better believe that some of the people underage teenagers that were supposed to go to that show ended up at this one. And since the show was all ages, they got in -___-

Never the less, Me and Wayne got in and re-upped on the beverages.

The other drawback to this show was that there was no Project Pat. This show was originally supposed to be about a month and a half ago, but Juicy cancelled to make an appearance on the Jimmy Kimmel Show. So the show gets rescheduled for 4/7 but Project Pat is nowhere to be found. Tight.

The first and only opening act was Charlotte’s own SeniorYr. This was the 3rd time I’ve seen him perform in the past 2-3 months and he’s seriously improved every time I’ve seen him on stage. If you have some time check him out in Shome504’s video: Pick N Roll.



I always enjoy seeing a local make it and I’ll continue to support Senior and the Paperboi movement.

The time had come: Juicy J!!

The lights dimmed low and some music started playing. I couldn’t quite make out what it was at first but then it started sounding familiar. It was something new, something off the Stay Trippy album….Stop It! The bass dropped and out came Juicy J hands waving, chain slangin, getting the crowd HYPE. Everyone around me was jumping up and down losing their minds….I may have been a part of that. It was tight. Juicy went through a few new songs from the Stay Trippy album including “Smokin, Rollin” “All I Blow Is Loud” “Having Sex” and “So Much Money”. He then transitioned to what has been helping his comeback, the pop hit “Dark Horse”. The teenagers went apeshit for this. The next song took not only the teenagers, but everyone to the next level, his most well known rap track “Bandz A Make Her Dance”. The turn up was happening. He went on to do “Scholarship” and before I knew it, he was doing “Stay Fly” from his days with Three 6 Mafia! This is a personal favorite of mine, I recall many a night in high school blasting this with my boys. It was perfect. He also did “Poppin My Collar”, “Sippin on some Sizzurp” and “Slob on my Knob” before getting back to his newer joints, which included another personal favorite of mine, “Zip & A Double Cup”.

After this song Juicy cranked it to 11. He called out for 10 of the finest ladies from the crowd to come on up and do a little twerkin. Juicy went on to do “She Dancin” and his verse from Wale’s “Clappers” to provide the music to this twerk session.

I just hope Juicy’s security was checking ID’s before they let some thots backstage.

He went on to perform “23”, “Drugged Out”, his verse from Future’s “Shit (Remix)”, “Blow Out” and his verse from B.o.B’s “Still In This Bitch”.
The last few songs included “Riley”, “Get Higher”, “Show Out” and finally “Bounce It”, which he got down into the crowd to perform.

All in all, the Juice Man delivered. The next day was a serious struggle though lawddddd. And props to the Fillmore for having a sellout crowd here.


Sold Out Crowd

Sold Out Crowd

Until next time, stay trippy my friends.