Hair Weave Killa Goin on a Trap-A-Thon!

Last Thursday night was simply out of control.

It was an awesome night to say the least. @agcrute and I started our pregame at VBGB in the music factory area around 4:45pm and that is where the turn up began. We met up with our friends @L1zKhalifa and @Flexxx_Luther and started puttin down some drinks. We all got in line around 6ish at which time my boy @CoryRindone33 joined up with us. We made friends with a hilarious guy named Adrien in line (sorry A-Train I have no info on you) and his girl and all proceeded to walk innnnnnnnnn, and TURN UP.

There was a group called Catastrophe that opened up and they were actually quite entertaining. One of the members looked exactly like Katt Williams and another was absolutely killing the choppa city juke. I’ve never heard of them before so I didn’t know any of their songs, but I did happen to wander over to the bar after their performance and bumped into them at which point a picture was taken.

Katt Williams?

Katt Williams?


Cap 1 was the 2nd act to bless the stage, along with DJ E.Sudd. Anyone who has been listening to Tity Boi for a while knows that Cap 1 is one of his Day 1 guys and Sudd has always been his DJ. Cap 1 did a few of his tracks off his most recent mixtape Caviar Dreams and then did some verses off of some 2 Chainz tracks, most notably “Turn Up” from the T.R.U. REALigion mixtape. If you don’t have that mixtape, well hop on off the failboat and GET IT NOW.

Next up was August Alsina. For those that don’t know, he’s an up and coming hip-hop/R&B type singer from ATL who has gained some radio play for his single “I Luv This Shit” ft. Trinidad James. He has an album coming out on April 15th through Def Jam called Testimony featuring a number of hip-hop heavyweights. He did his set which was mostly songs I hadn’t heard before and finally got to his hit “I Luv This Shit”. Pretty solid performance. I will say that his voice is pretty much like Fergie mixed with Jesus.

August Alsina

August Alsina

I happened to look down at my watch and the next thing I knew, it was time for KING PUSH. The energy level in the room was rising, and quickly at that. Push came out and did a number of tracks including “Blocka”, “Millions”, “Nosetalgia”, “Pain”, “Numbers On The Board”, and my favorite, his verse from the GOOD Music track “Don’t Like”. Later in the show he did come back and perform “Mercy” with 2 Chainz which may be the best group rap song of all time. That song still gets me hype, and probably always will.

Then, a video started to play on the backdrop of the stage that showed images and video clips of some old school rappers while also playing some hip-hop classics like “Ambitionz az a Ridah”, until the screen flashed a few times and the back drop was now showing a silhouette of 2 Chainz in his bedroom and his mom in the next room over. 2 Chainz sits up on his bed and says these few words which are now recognizable everywhere: Momma. MOMMA! You get that money out my pants last night?? At that point all brain function stopped for me and all I knew was TURNUP TURNUP TURNUP! The video will show this much better

For me, the show was everything I wanted it to be. It was LIVE. He played pretty much everything I was hoping he would play. The setlist included (in no particular order):

I Do It
Duffle Bag Boy
Feds Watching
I Luv Dem Strippers
Spend It
Twerk Season
verse from RIP
Used 2
Where You Been?
I’m Different
U Da Realest
His verse from Bandz A Make Her Dance
Mercy w/ Pusha T
Birthday Song
No Lie – this was actually an encore performance.

He played for at least an hour, maybe an hour and a half. He was absolutely on point for this show. Here are a few videos I took as well:

Finally, the show had come to an end. However, earlier this week Amanda won tickets through the taxi-like service of Uber (pretty sweet app as well, much like Lyft) which included a MEET & GREET with 2 Chainz!! After the crowd cleared out we were escorted to some of the backrooms of the Fillmore by his staff goons and were in a small waiting room with some other people meeting him. I was shaking with excitement. Amanda walked ahead of me and she told Mr. Epps that she was his mini me, to which he replied “Why?” She said, “It’s because I have on 1 chain and 2 bracelets”! and 2 Chainz giggled. He literally giggled. I came in after this and I’m not sure why this happenend, but i think it was a combination of nerves and a lot of booze. Right before I was about to meet him I just couldn’t think of anything to ask him. And when the time came, I just asked “So did Mike Will smash Miley Cyrus?” and he responded “I don’t know, how I’m supposed to know where my boy penis been?” it was perfect.

2 Chainz!

2 Chainz!