The Sunday Paper – Trinidad Jame$

Good morning Twitter World….or afternoon for some of y’all hungover bums lol.

While y’all are waking up and putt’n around the house, I thought I would take a moment to give you something to read over that big bowl of Struggle O’s you’re having this lovely day. Tough night last night? We’ve all been there. Some of the toughest nights can come after a ratchet show, I don’t think anyone denies that. It got me thinking though. I started wondering about some of the past shows I’ve gone to that have gotten a tad ratchet, if you will. Actually, there’s been quite a few of those so I’ll just cut right to it.

IMO, the anthem of 2013 had to be All Gold Everything by @TrinidadJamesGG. Here’s a guy with nothing for a resume who takes the hip-hop world by storm with one catchy song with some of the most basic (yet still awesome) lyrics.

I had the pleasure of seeing @TrinidadJamesGG this past year at the peak of All Gold Everything’s dominance at @GreeneStClub on 2/26/13, roughly a year ago. It’s hard to believe that it’s been that long. Nevertheless, this was a ratchet ass show. When T. Jame$ hit the stage all hell broke loose. The Don’t Be S.A.F.E. mixtape actually came out in Ocotber of 2012 and even if it took a few months for it to catch on, the crowd had plenty of time to figure out and memorize every lyric from the song. We went bar for bar with Trinidad with the height of the song being the “Popped a molly, I’m sweating WOO!!”. Have a look:

Trinidad got a late of hate following the success of the song I think due to its simplistic lyrics, but he did make a name for himself and has released some decent songs since then, or at least been a solid feature on some tracks.

Trinidad even went on to perform, for the 1st time, the @youngchopbeatz
produced banger Shut Up!!! ft.@trvisXX
from Trinidad’s 2nd major mixtape, 10 pc. Mild – which didn’t even have a release date at the time. This came out of left field entirely for us and was a nice surprise.

Two quick hits before I go:

1. Water, water, water – Hydrate thyself to get rid of that hangover.
2. @therealjuicyj is coming to the Fillmore this Thursday! I can’t even call it a show, it’s gonna be more like a party. Get your tickets here if you’re trying to go. I’ll definitely be rockin a #WeTrippyMane tee and having a good time. I’ll be sure to get some quality photos/vids for that upcoming blog post.

Y’all have a good week!


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