The Sunday Paper – Trinidad Jame$

Good morning Twitter World….or afternoon for some of y’all hungover bums lol.

While y’all are waking up and putt’n around the house, I thought I would take a moment to give you something to read over that big bowl of Struggle O’s you’re having this lovely day. Tough night last night? We’ve all been there. Some of the toughest nights can come after a ratchet show, I don’t think anyone denies that. It got me thinking though. I started wondering about some of the past shows I’ve gone to that have gotten a tad ratchet, if you will. Actually, there’s been quite a few of those so I’ll just cut right to it.

IMO, the anthem of 2013 had to be All Gold Everything by @TrinidadJamesGG. Here’s a guy with nothing for a resume who takes the hip-hop world by storm with one catchy song with some of the most basic (yet still awesome) lyrics.

I had the pleasure of seeing @TrinidadJamesGG this past year at the peak of All Gold Everything’s dominance at @GreeneStClub on 2/26/13, roughly a year ago. It’s hard to believe that it’s been that long. Nevertheless, this was a ratchet ass show. When T. Jame$ hit the stage all hell broke loose. The Don’t Be S.A.F.E. mixtape actually came out in Ocotber of 2012 and even if it took a few months for it to catch on, the crowd had plenty of time to figure out and memorize every lyric from the song. We went bar for bar with Trinidad with the height of the song being the “Popped a molly, I’m sweating WOO!!”. Have a look:

Trinidad got a late of hate following the success of the song I think due to its simplistic lyrics, but he did make a name for himself and has released some decent songs since then, or at least been a solid feature on some tracks.

Trinidad even went on to perform, for the 1st time, the @youngchopbeatz
produced banger Shut Up!!! ft.@trvisXX
from Trinidad’s 2nd major mixtape, 10 pc. Mild – which didn’t even have a release date at the time. This came out of left field entirely for us and was a nice surprise.

Two quick hits before I go:

1. Water, water, water – Hydrate thyself to get rid of that hangover.
2. @therealjuicyj is coming to the Fillmore this Thursday! I can’t even call it a show, it’s gonna be more like a party. Get your tickets here if you’re trying to go. I’ll definitely be rockin a #WeTrippyMane tee and having a good time. I’ll be sure to get some quality photos/vids for that upcoming blog post.

Y’all have a good week!


Dom Kennedy’s #GetHomeSafely Tour

Last night LA’s very own Dom Kennedy touched down in the Queen City of Charlotte, NC to host a show on his #GetHomeSafelyTour. Along side him was Inglewood’s own Skeme. Not only that, but i got to link up with a couple of my boys – @Bushid0_Br0wn, @DapperJ, @chrissanderso16 & @JeffSander_SON. It didn’t matter that the performers were from the West Coast and we were on the East coast – it was our type of party.

Like most concerts, before the main event there were some opening acts. @SuperNikeNando, a #DMV native was the first to kick things off. Straight up, I had never even heard of this cat. He was an energetic performer though and I think the crowd respected that despite not knowing much about him. It does take a lot of courage to get up and perform in front of an audience when you aren’t well known and I have to give him props for doing that. He had a natural stage presence and was really comfortable up there. He is definitely worth looking into if you have some spare time.

Next up: The #AMCSBodega boys – specifically @Lotta910 and @ElevatorJay. I’ve seen Elevator perform before once when he opened up for Big KRIT and he’s only gotten better. (@Bushid0_Br0wn was with me at that show and can testify).This is one high energy group of guys that don’t disappoint. They held it down at the Neighborhood Theatre a couple weeks ago when Nipsey came to town and they didn’t miss a beat tonight. Lotta and Elevator make you proud to be from Charlotte. I suggest you check em out.

AMCS Bodgea

AMCS Bodega

Next stop: Mollyworld.

Skeme came out and the crowd got hype! He ripped some bars off for everyone’s viewing pleasure and went through a number of songs, all of which I wasn’t able to get ahold of. He performed for about 20-30 mins but I do know before he got off the stage he performed “T.O.”. I’m a sucker for some DJ Mustard beats and judging from the crowd, they are too.


Finally. The time had come. DOM KENNEDY.


The crowd went APE!! “Dominic” was the first track that got sliced up and from there on out it only got better. Dom ran through a number of songs including:

“Let’s Be Friends”
“If It Don’t Make Money” – in which Skeme came back out and did his verse. DOPE.
“Honey Buns”
“My Type of Party” – SET THE BITCH OFF when this came on
“We Ball” – the crowd rapped the entire Kendrick verse. also DOPE.
“South Central Love”
“Erica Part 2”
“After School”
“Black Bentleys”
“Gold Alpinas”

I may have missed a track or two but this was the majority of them. Big ups to Dom too, he performed for almost an hour and a half. Fans really do appreciate that. Afterwards I caught up with @chrissanderso16 and @JeffSander_SON while the place was clearing out and Chris got the hookup. He’s a huge Dom fan and this was his first rap show. EVER. He had the hard copy of the Get Home Safely album with him and one of the DJ’s who was packing up actually took the album backstage to Dom and got the inside jacket signed! Chris was happier than a baby in a barrell of titties.


OPM Party

OPM Party

Another great show in the books. Check Dom’s site for tour info @

Real quick, @DapperJ you owe me a photo op at the next show!!

Nipsey Hussle’s #CrenshawTour visits Charlotte, NC

This past Sunday LA’s own Nipsey Hussle made a stop on the #CrenshawTour to the Neighborhood Theatre in Charlotte, NC. I first heard about the show a month or so back while looking at the upcoming guests at the venue and to be honest, wasn’t sure if I was gonna go or not. I don’t have a ton of Nipsey’s music outside of the Crenshaw tape so I’m pretty late to the party, but I figured what the hell? I had heard about his $100 mixtape and being an XXL Freshman of the Year through various hip-hop sites so I had a feeling he would deliver, plus $15 for a ticket is pretty unbeatable. So I went. The line to this place was like a mile long when I rolled up about 30 mins after doors opened.

Nipsey Hussle Live!

Nipsey Hussle Live!

After finally getting in, I grad a cold bud and headed into the GA standing area. Having never been to this venue before, I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of space they had. There were plenty of people waiting around for the show to start and there was none of the bumpin elbows mess when it gets too packed.

Before the show, a number of local acts hit the stage to showcase their talents since this show was sponsored by the local AMCS Bodega and it was a pretty refreshing change of pace. Not to say these dudes brought the house down necessarily, but it was nice to see that there was a grassroots hip-hop culture going on in the Queen City and that with a little time and more work, Charlotte would be putting out some names recognized throughout the hip-hop industry. Which leads me to the next performer: Deniro Farrar.

I first saw Deniro about 2 years ago when he opened for J. Cole at the Fillmore here in Charlotte. Afterwards he went through the crowd handing out copies of his mixtape and I was able to talk to him for a few mins and naturally got a copy of the tape. Here we are 2 years later and Deniro had the crowd ROCKING. He is truly growing as an artist and performer but I have to say he was almost outshined by one of his fans that he brought up on stage. This kid went bar for bar with Deniro and we (the crowd) were losing it. It was probably one of the moments you can try all you want to describe but you kinda had to be there to know what I’m talking about.

Erk tha Jerk was the next man on stage. Straight up, I know NOTHING about him. He seemed aight though. As you can probably tell by the name, he’s a west coast guy and he had some decent lines. Probably be somebody I might look up when I have some extra time surfing the web.

Next up, Nipsey. The crowed couldn’t wait. The chanting began. NIP-SEY, NIP-SEY, NIP-SEY….

He came on stage music blasting to “U See Us” and the crowd went wild. The energy level in the room was incredibly high as the California native went through his bars, especially when Nipsey hit the line “Flight to Japan,They pay me in cash, convert it to Yen. Bitch I’m the man! Bitch I’m the man, Bitch I’m the man!” He even cut the track and ran it back so that the crowd could do it again and this time the music cut and all anyone heard was a a crowd screaming “Bitch I’m the man!!”

After this intro track Nipsey introduced himself to us formally and had a little beef with the sound man. The previous few performers had requested that their mic get turned up to no avail. Nipsey had done the same and was getting no results, which led to him asking the entire audience to turn around and yell “Fuck you sound man!!!”. Apparently this did the trick, because the show went on with no further mic problems at that point.

Fuck you sound man!!

Fuck you sound man!!

Nipsey did “Checc Me Out”, “All Get Right” and a few others from the Crenshaw tape before going to some Marathon tracks such as “Keys to the city”, “A million” and “7 days a week”. He even took it way back and did “Reality” from the Bullets Ain’t Got No Name Vol. 1 tape before heading off stage. Although he came right back out and did “1 of 1” and the dudes next to me literally starting going crazy lol. I can’t blame em tho, it was intoxicating.

Much love to the Neighborhood Theatre, AMCS Bodgea and Familty Matters for showcasing an evening of hip-hop in the QC.



Checc out the tour dates to see if the #CrenshawTour is coming to your city: