Drake #WouldYouLikeATour

So this is a tad late, but for my birthday Amanda got me tickets to Drake’s Would You Like A Tour concert here in Charlotte, NC. What she didn’t tell me was that they were FLOOR seats. Mind. Blown. She’s a shoe in for GF of the year.

We were about 10-12 rows back from the front of the stage. And here I thought we would be in like the stands. Wrong. We had a few beers to get the night started off right and before we knew it, it was time for the show to start. Future was up first. Let me go ahead and say that I was probably more excited for Future than for Drake. Maybe not, but it was close. I love Future because he will get you so TURNT UP, no question about it. And I have to say I was on Pluto when he came up FROM THE BOTTOM OF THE STAGE to “No Games” by Rozay. He went through about every song he has on the radio right now, whether it was just a hook or the entire song. I know he did “Tony Montana”, “Karate Chop”, “Turn On The Lights” – during which the arena lights cut off and all you could see were people’s cell phone lights, “Honest”, “Racks”, “Bugatti”, “I Wanna Be With You” and “UOENO”. He was exactly what the crowd needed right off the bat, high energy. The place was buzzing with anticipation.

Next up was Miguel and to be completely honest, I could’ve cared less. Miguel isn’t exactly my cup of tea I guess you could say. Never the less, I’m not gonna hate on him. He is a solid entertainer and he had the crowd (women) singing along with him to “Adorn” and “How Many Drinks”. He also did a sick dance routine that was Michael Jackson-esque complete with a moonwalk and split.

After Miguel was done and after the 15-20 mins the stage hands needed to get the full stage it was finally time. Drizzy. October’s Very Own. Wheelchair Jimmy. The place exploded when he appeared at the top of a halo looking stage to “Tuscan Leather”. He went on to perform basically the entire Nothing Was The Same album. Throughout he would perform other songs he’s charted with such as his verse from French’s “Pop That”, Migos’ “Versace” and Khaled’s “I’m On One”.

Drizzy then dediced to treat us all to a nice surprise – Ms. Jhene Aiko. They performed “Come Thru” and “From Time” together. She has some pipes.

What I didn’t expect after that was an encore performace from Future, who came back out and set the place off when he did “Same Damn Time”. I had a video of it on my phone but it basically looks like it was in the washing machine’s spin cycle because I’m jumping up and down so much just losing my mind.

Drake even brought his two nieces out on stage and sang “Hold On, We’re Going Home” to them and it was so damn cute.

The biggest surprise however was a catwalk that lowered from the ceiling and connected to the stage so that Drake could literally walk out over the entire floor section and he then spent the next 10-15 mins calling out different fans in the stands and thanked everyone for coming out. It was really cool to me that he took that kind of time out to address the fans personally and make their night even more special.



After all of these cameos Drizzy finished up the show putting down bangers like “HYFR”, “The Motto”, “All Me” and he ended the show with my personal favorite “Started From The Bottom”. During the last song the video in the background showed clips of Drake from a young age and they concluded the song with fireworks. It was amazing. He put on a show that I will not forget.

He’s continuing this tour all across America, peep the dates below.

Would You Like A Tour?

Would You Like A Tour?