#SFTC2013 presented by @CoorsLight


Last night I had the chance to attend one of the best live performances I've seen. Coors Light sponsors a talent search in which judges evaluate local talent in a rap showcase and then determine a winner. This group of judges travels to multiple cities and each regional winner then participates in a competition in NY in which the winner is given $20k, some studio time to make a song in which Bun B lays down a verse, a slot in DJ Drama's next upcoming mixtape, and publicity from Complex magazine.

On June 27th, this event came to Charlotte.

I first heard about it through LiveNation, where I usually get concert/event info from for major acts. The Coors Light Search for the Coldest MC populated in their list of local shows, but you could not purchase tickets to it. I was pretty confused, but the next step was to google it and I came across Power 98's page (local hip-hop station in the Charlotte area). They advertised that they were giving away tickets at a local Walmart from 3-4 pm on the day of. Needless to say I headed straight for it. When I got there I saw the Power 98 tent set up and approached a guy working there who simply gave me tickets when I asked. He then told me that Bun B and DJ Drama would be inside signing autographs (see picture above) and taking photos with people.


I headed inside and he wasn't lying. I was 2nd in line. And i got to meet Bun B and DJ Drama.


Fast Forward to that night around 7 pm and I was in line outside of the Fillmore in Charlotte with a friend of mine when the doors opened. We headed inside and we greeted with wristbands good for 2 FREE beers. WHAT? This was turning into the best concert ever, and it hadn’t even started. Little did I know it would get much, much better. My boy and I went straight to the front of the venue and were literally in the first row. After DJ Trauma had warmed up the crowd for a while, our host Ice Cube came out and gave us a run down of how it would work. He brought out two local acts, Z Da Matrix and another guy I honestly can’t remember his name. They each laid down a freestyle, a hot 16, and a pre-recorded song that they had previously worked on. After all was said and done, Z Da Matrix took home the belt. But this is where things really turn up.

Last year’s winner, Felony Fame (a Charlotte native) came out to show some love to the crowd. He raised his championship belt and laid down a few songs.

Next up: The H-Town Legend himself – Bun B.


Bun played CLASSICS. “Draped Up”, “International Player’s Anthem”, his verse from Webbie’s “Girl Gimme That” and “Pushin”.

DJ Drama was next on the scene to provide myself and my friend with some ice cold Coors Lights. No shit. He gave us some beers.


Ice Cube was next up and he had more energy than almost any performer I’ve seen. He performed “It Was a Good Day”, “Check Yo Self”, “You Can Do It” and a few others I couldn’t catch.

Lastly, the special guest of the evening: Pusha T.


Pusha KILLED it. He came out of the gates turnt up AF to “Don’t Like” and it didn’t stop there. He played The Clipse classics “Grindin” and “Popeye’s” and then got into some newer stuff like “Mercy”, “Exodus 23:1”, “Millions”, “Blocka” and lastly he performed his brand new single “Numbers on the Boards” which will be on his upcoming album: My Name Is My Name.

This was an experience I will not forget. Coors Light just earned themselves a return customer.


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