One of the most anticipated mixtapes to drop this year, “King Remembered In Time” by Big KRIT dropped this past Wednesday 4/10. After dropping his debut album Live From the Underground this past year, KRIT continues to impress with this mixtape, all the while staying true to his southern roots. Similar to J. Cole, KRIT produces mostly all of the tracks he uses himself, although 9th Wonder did step in and assist him on this tape on “Life Is A Gamble”, in which KRIT takes a long look in the mirror and evaluates where he’s currently at in his life and where he’s come from, touching on a few obstacles he has had to overcome – a theme we’re used to seeing from KRIT. Real hip-hop.

Faitful KRIT listeners know how his style of music and how it fits into the framework of today’s Hip-Hop scene. And although he dropped an album last year, KRIT hasn’t necessarily seen the mainstream success that others have (Kendrick for one). I think for that reason, some more well known features were added to this tape. Trinidad Jame$ hops on the track “My Trunk” and the bass stays knockin. T. Jame$ has BLOWN UP the rap scene with his hit single “All Gold Everything” and following his success of that single he has appeared on multiple notable mixtapes including Wale’s “Folarin”, Curren$y’s “New Jet City”, Travis Porter’s “Mr. Porter” and now #KRIT. Big KRIT continues to deliver with his raw and rapid flow listeners are accustomed to hearing and his lyricism and wordplay actually enhance the track, as opposed to others in the game who rely on a beat to carry their song.

Wiz Khalifa and the “Kush God” Smoke DZA hop on “Only One (King Remembered In Time)” in which all three rappers seem to just float over this beat. The verse by Wiz is actually pretty reminiscent of the Pittsburgh native before his mainstream success. If you got em, light em to this one.

Another notable feature was Future on “Just Last Week”. Future continues to be a monster for the hooks and the blend of the two together on this track meshes well. Although the track on this mixtape was just over 1 minute and 40 seconds, I think there may be a chance this appears on KRIT’s next LP. If it doesn’t, I’m not sure why only the snippet was given to us.

All in all, this mixtape is a must have for anyone who considers themself to be a hip-hop fan. Big KRIT continues to impress with this tape which has a great blend of songs. He still represents the south to the fullest has cemented himself as one of the best in the game. We give this tape an 8.5/10 and can’t wait to see what his 2nd album will have in store for us.

“Download Link: Big KRIT – King Remembered In Time”


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