Tonight at midnight marks the official drop date of Tyga’s sophomore album, #HotelCalifornia. We figure, what better time to post a review of the album so you’ll have an idea of what exactly you’re getting into should you choose to buy or download it.

Longtime Tyga listeners know that he possesses the ability to be one of the best lyricists in the game. This album does have it’s jaw dropping moments when the punchline hits however the majority of this album deals less with more in depth type stories and meaningful lyrics and focuses more on the beats, features and cliche rap topics: money, clothes, cars, and of course hoes. Don’t get us wrong though, we know Tyga can still bring it. And he does right off the bat in his song “500 Degrees” featuring YMCMB frontman Lil Wayne. And speaking of features, this album has no shortage of them. And it’s the A-listers: Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, 2 Chainz, Game, Future, Jadakiss, Chris Brown and Wiz Khalifa to name a few.

Not only that, but the production is top notch and features arguably the hottest producer in the game: DJ Mustard. DJ Mustard originally met Tyga through YG and since then the two have blessed us with possibly the most played song at any bar/club in 2012, “Rack City”. This time the two get together on “Hit Em Up” which goes over Tupac Shakur’s “Thug 4 Life” “Thugs Get Lonely Too”, “Komradz” and C-Murder’s “Down for My N’s”. This song may not see the level of mainstream success as “Rack City” but it definitely does not disappoint.

One song that does continue the extremely growing trend of doing molly is stimply titled “Molly” and features an intro from what sounds like the voice of the iPhone, Siri. Go ahead and roll down the windows and turn the volume up, this is a BANGER. Wiz even slides in and contributes a verse to a track that will be sure to have your trunk rattling.

And speaking of Wiz, another song we found enjoyable was “M.O.E.” (Music Over Everything) and the Pittsburgh native comes back to give us another verse. This track is smoooooooth. It’s one of those songs you can see yourself listening to on a beautiful day just cruisin through the city.

Overall, we feel that the album as a whole is about an 8/10. While the lyrics weren’t particularly meaningful, the wordplay was *Fab voice* Niiicccceeee and the production was top notch. Tyga still has room for improvement, and we feel that his best work is still yet to come.


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